Today on the show, we’re deviating from the typical farmer to farmer Q&A formula to focus a bit on the importance of international missionary work in agriculture. We’re joined by Danielle Flood, Public Relations and Communications Manager for ECHO, an international institution which works to find innovative and sustainable ways for small farmers around the world to optimize their farms’ production. Danielle came to ECHO in December 2007 after serving as a missionary in Niger, West Africa for two years. She and her husband look at ECHO as an opportunity to serve the missionary community and make good on their commitment to their faith. Tune in today to hear all about the day to day life of an agricultural missionary!

In This Episode:

How long Danielle’s been working with ECHO 0:58

What ECHO is all about 2:06

About ECHO’s activities around agriculture research 3:39

How ECHO keeps their seed banks up to date 10:28

What methods and principles ECHO employs for their production 13:29

How ECHO streamlines technology internationally 21:53

How ECHO got started 25:47

How ECHO’s online community for overseas workers operates 28:57

How ECHO gives tours 32:04

About the Guest:

Danielle Flood is the Communications Manager at ECHO, an international organization that works to find innovative and sustainable ways for small-scale farmers around the world to improve their harvests, reducing global hunger and poverty. She has traveled to more than 20 countries while championing agricultural development through hands-on training and knowledge sharing.

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