In this episode, I talk to Charles Pecka, from Morningstar Farm, outside of Nashville, TN. Charles is a tunnel farmer with specialization in Korean vegetables. He recently traveled to Korea to discover everything he could about how they create their tunnels.

You’ll Hear:

>> What kinds of tools Charles uses on his farm 3:33

>> What he learned about tunnel farming in Korea 9:33

>> How he set up his farm for two sixteen-year-olds to run while he was away 33:45

>> What types of marketing strategies he uses 36:50

>> What he feels are the biggest mistakes beginning farmers make 41:55

>> His favorite farming tool 46:00

About the Guest

Charles was raised on a Dairy Farm in Washington State, joined the Army, travelled the world as a member of the US Army Special Forces. He made friends everywhere he went. After 22 years of Service he retired, moved into real estate, learned the value of good land, and developed an interest again in farming.

He and his wife were good at gardening and they decided to expand into hydroponics first in the garage and then to leap into a full 3000 sq ft hydroponic greenhouse. They have been farming and marketing for the past 5 years and are consistently learning new methods and finding new opportunities. They took a month off in October 2019 and went back to Korea, to learn new ways to approach old problems using the Korean Solution.

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