Have you ever wondered about ranching versus farming? What are the structural differences, and what kinds of opportunities can those differences provide?

On today’s episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast we’re joined by Tim Peterson of Arizona Grass Raised Beef. The cattle on the Arizona Grass Raised Beef ranch spend their lives foraging for naturally occurring grasses on free-range ranch land, while soaking up the Arizona sunshine and living their best life…the way nature intended. Their boutique USDA inspected plant gives them the unique ability to humanely harvest one animal at a time! In-house, they dry, age, and hand-cut their steak as well as make ground beef and various sausages exclusively with organic spices (but NO sugar or stuff you cannot pronounce). They proudly commit to raising the cleanest, safest, healthiest, and most flavorful beef available. Tune in to hear all about how they do it!

In This Episode:

How Tim got started ranching 1:17

What a typical week looks like for Tim 4:38

About Arizona Grass Raised Beef’s process with cattle genetics 9:55

The typical cost of farmland in Arizona 12:37

How Tim went about funding his processing plant 18:24

What variations of products Arizona Grass Raised Beef makes 26:57

How Tim developed relationships with the right chefs 34:04

How many employees Arizona Grass Raised Beef has, and how they find good help 39:16

How Tim developed his marketing plan 41:58

How much beef they process weekly 43:09

How Tim keeps track of and ensures completion of essential tasks 46:24

What Tim believes is the biggest mistake newer farmers and ranchers make 50:56

Tim’s favorite ranching tool 52:59

Where you can find out more about Tim and Arizona Grass Raised Beef 53:21

About the Guest

Tim is the co-owner of Arizona Grass Raised Beef and an Arizona cattle rancher. He operates a USDA inspected processing plant, as well as a USDA commercial kitchen.

Arizona Grass Raised Beef  is your true ranch to table Grass Fed Beef operation. They practice Regenerative Agriculture by purchasing run down, non-functioning ranches and rebuilding them with their crews and cattle genetics.Their beef is certified by the American Grass Fed Beef Association.

Resources and mentions

Website – https://azgrassraisedbeef.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/azgrassraisedbeef/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/azgrassraisedbeef/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/azgrassraised

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