Is there really a way to make sourdough simple?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael is joined by his wife, Savannah, to talk all about sourdough at The Farm on Central. The Farm on Central is a small family farm located in Carlisle, Ohio and provides the community with a wide array of vegetables, meats, and horticultural products. In this episode, Michael and Savannah talk all about the benefits of sourdough for your health and for your farm sales.

Join us today to hear how Michael and Savannah incorporate sourdough bread into their home life and as an income stream for their farm.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • About Savannah’s main roles on the Farm 1:59
  • Why they love sourdough 3:56
  • About Savannah’s sourdough-making process 4:43
  • About the advantages of a stiff sourdough starter 11:25
  • How long should a sourdough loaf rest between making and baking 16:29
  • Why Savannah decided to offer Sourdough classes 26:33
  • On why sourdough can be a grounding experience 32:01

About the Guests:

Michael & Savannah Kilpatrick are farmers and educators in Carlisle, Ohio. Together they run the Farm on Central, where they pursue their passion of providing fresh and local food to the community.

In addition to co-running the farm, Savannah teaches cooking, canning, and baking classes from her kitchen. Meanwhile, Michael is also the founder of Growing Farmers and is dedicated to providing educational resources for farmers.

Together, they reach a community of over 60,000 farmers, homesteaders, and families!


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