How do you successfully balance family and farm life?

Find out in this episode of the podcast with Ray Tyler! Ray has previously been on the podcast and he also participated in our Thriving Farmer Vegetable Summit this past January. Ray is an inspiring figure in the world of sustainable agriculture and is a dedicated family man, self-made farmer, and innovative educator at Rose Creek Farms.

Tune in to learn how to balance farming with family life and make a meaningful impact.

Episode Highlights:

  • All about Ray: Ray Tyler’s start into farming. [1:13]
  • Essential elements: Basic principles to apply on your farm [6:27]
  • It’s All in the Family: Practical Applications and Family Integration on the Farm [23:26]
  • Sustainability: Transitioning to a Sustainable Farming Lifestyle [32:03]
  • Q&A: Implementing Family-Friendly Farming Practices [36:59]

About the Guest:

Ray Tyler, along with his wife Ashley, embarked on a farming journey fueled by passion and determination. Despite starting with zero savings and facing numerous challenges, including navigating stringent regulations and their daughter’s battle with cancer, they persevered. By transitioning to focus solely on produce and refining their farming practices, they tripled their income while working fewer hours. 

Today, they operate a successful, near weed-free farm with year-round production, emphasizing quality and sustainability. Ray’s story underscores the transformative power of resilience, innovation, and prioritizing what truly matters in life: love, family, and contentment.

Connect with Rose Creek Farm:

Don’t miss this episode on the importance of disconnecting farm problems from family life, engaging children without forcing them to work, and still increasing farm profitability.

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