What course of action can a farm take if they’re being strong-armed by a local privatized bureaucracy? 

Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres in Marion, Michigan joins us today to share his story. Baker’s Green Acres provides high quality meat products raised in the most natural way possible. Pasture feeding is a main component of their methods to produce the best tasting, “cleanest” meat they can.  Using these methods, they raise GMO free and pasture raised pork, chicken, and beef. However, Mark’s farming journey wasn’t all green pastures, daisies, and prancing animals under a smiling sun. Tune into this episode to hear a chilling reality of the Department of Agriculture and what you can do if you’re ever faced with a similar situation!

You’ll Hear:

How Mark got into farming 1:32

What Baker’s Green Acres offers 3:51

The story behind Baker’s Green Acres’ special pork breed 5:45

The end result of a confrontation with local bureaucrats 25:24

About the grounds for the warrant brought to Mark in December, 2017 41:59

Where to go to read more about a how you can safeguard your constitutional rights 58:52

The biggest mistakes Mark sees newer farmers making 1.11:47

About Mark’s favorite farming tool 1.32:00

Where you can find out more about Mark and Baker’s Green Acres 1.32:57

About the Guest:

Mark Baker started his Anyone Can Farm dream when he was a boy and rode to a farm with his mother to pick up vegetables. When he and Jill married nearly 25 years ago, they started Baker’s Green Acres with a backyard garden that quickly grew to include hens, a goat, and pigs.  He’s always considered home grown food to be a birthright and a means of better health. When these things were challenged by a government agency order, Mark discovered the value of the Bill of Rights to safeguard our freedom to farm and live a healthy lifestyle.

Resources and mentions:

Website – https://www.bakersgreenacres.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bakersgreenacres/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bakers_green_acres/

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