How can homesteading and food sovereignty reshape our approach to personal and community resilience?

In this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael welcomes Lucy Brenton who is an activist dedicated to promoting freedom over our bodies and the food we eat. After running twice for the US Senate in Indiana, Lucy is now transforming 6 acres into a self-sufficient homestead and building a community of like-minded homesteaders focused on independence and sustainability.

Tune in to learn how Lucy Brenton combines homesteading and political advocacy to promote personal freedom and sustainability.

Episode Highlights:

  • Homesteading Movement: How Lucy got into the homesteading movement [0:57] 
  • Political Aspect: What got Lucy into the political aspect of food [4:45] 
  • Private Land Contracts: How a private land contract operates [9:10] 
  • Land Search: What Lucy was looking for in terms of land [15:47] 
  • Homestead Network: What is the Homestead Network [30:05]

Don’t miss this episode where Lucy Brenton shares her journey into homesteading and political advocacy for food and body freedom.

About the Guest:

Lucy Brenton is an activist working for freedom in the areas it matters most… over our own bodies and the food we eat. Lucy ran for US Senate in 2016 and 2018, campaigning for medical and agricultural freedom, advocating for the right to grow and use hemp and cannabis products on the individual level. She moved her family from the ‘burbs to the country and is transforming 6 acres into a self supporting homestead. Currently she is growing and selling edible, medicinal and culinary plants, building a community of homesteaders that want to be self-sufficient and independent of the system.

Connect with Lucy Brenton:

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