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Today we’re taking a bit of a different direction with the show. We’re joined by The Paisley Twins, Lisa and Zoe. Lisa and Zoe are the founders of Aggie Global, a platform that connects small farms to big markets to boost farmer income and address poverty in developing countries. Growing up in the outskirts of Sydney, Zoe and Lisa were exposed to country and urban living, which sparked their passion for the outdoors and food. In 2018, they moved to Sigatoka, Fiji to found Aggie Global. Tune in to this special episode where we explore a unique and exotic angle of the farming realm!

In This Episode:

What happened in Fiji 1:12

What the economy is like in Fiji 3:50

How Lisa and Zoe came to create Aggie Global 6:30

How Zoe and Lisa reach out to Fijian farmers to teach them about technology processes 10:26

How they set up delivery 13:20

What logistics this entails 18:42

The typical land size for farmers in Fiji 21:00

How the pandemic has affected farming in Fiji 25:38

How Aggie Global reaches the end consumer 27:46

About the Guest:

Have you ever wondered what farming is like in Fiji? Or what happens when 1 in 3 people lose their jobs?

Lisa and Zoe Paisley, or The Paisley Twins, are the cofounders of Aggie Global. They are working with remote community members in Fiji to alleviate poverty and address food insecurity. Their work to connect farmers to customers is needed now more than ever, with the tourism market shut down and consumers stuck in quarantine, unable to access fresh produce.

Learn about the challenges Aggie Global’s farmers face and how you can support the Aggie community.
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