Joining us today is Kim Goodling, owner of Vermont Grand View Farm. Vermont Grand View focuses on low impact sustainable farming with attention to raising high quality Gotland sheep, which conform to Swedish standards, and producing heirloom wool products. They’re passionate about sharing their farm with others with wide-open arms to all guests to their rural community who wish to experience farm life. Tune in to find out all about farming with sheep and the surprising diversity within the field!

In This Episode:

How Kim got started working with sheep 1:07

About the history of sheep in Vermont 4:41

Why Kim chose Gotland sheep 6:45

About different types of sheep and what can you do with them 13:45

What the main sources of income are for Vermont Grand View 17:57

What kind of accommodations are set up on the farm 28:32

About the mentoring program offered by Vermont Grand View and how it got started 32:13

What the future holds for Vermont Grand View 36:21

What Kim would do differently if she started over 38:35

How Kim dealt with potential overwhelm while building the farm 43:26

Kim’s favorite farming tool 45:00

Where can you find out information about Vermont Grand View’s mentoring program and farmstays 49:39

About the Guest

Kim Goodling is shepherd and owner of Vermont Grand View Farm. She and her husband raise Gotland sheep, a unique breed whose genetics date back to the Vikings on Gotland Island, Sweden. Being a typical Vermont hillside farm, they have diversified by offering their own maple syrup and by inviting guests to experience rural farm life first hand through farmstay vacations. Kim also offers a mentoring program to other shepherds.

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