Joel Salatin speaks on the benefits of having a value-added strategy on farms.

In this podcast, we’re sharing one of our amazing guests from the Value-Added Summit, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, located in Swoope, Virginia. Joel talks to us about the benefits of and techniques involved with an effective, game-changing implementation of a value-added strategy on farms. Joel Salatin is an American farmer, lecturer, and author. 

Joel’s philosophy of farming emphasizes healthy grass on which animals can thrive in a symbiotic cycle of feeding. He has authored twelve books including Folks, This Ain’t Normal, You Can Farm, Salad Bar Beef, and Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

Join us to hear this riveting conversation with Michael and Joel from the Value-Added Summit! 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What “Value-Added” means to Joel 2:18
  • Why farmers start practicing value-added 6:01
  • Mindset shifts that are necessary to start going forward with effective marketing 13:37
  • Agriculture entertainment, or “agritainment” Polyface does 34:08
  • What ended up being a value-added dud that Joel anticipated being a big success 41:33
  • Great value-added experiences and/or products Joel has come across in his travels 46:51
  • What the future holds for value-added, and what farmers should be focusing on 1.05:42
  • Advice Joel has for farmers who are wanting to take their farm to the next level but find it difficult taking the next step 1.09:33

About the Guest:

Joel Salatin calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. Others who like him call him the most famous farmer in the world, the high priest of the pasture, and the most eclectic thinker from Virginia since Thomas Jefferson.

With a room full of debate trophies from high school and college days, 12 published books, and a thriving multi-generational family farm, he draws on a lifetime of food, farming, and fantasy to entertain and inspire audiences around the world.

He co-owns, with his family, Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia. Featured in the New York Times bestseller Omnivore’s Dilemma and award-winning documentary Food Inc., the farm services more than 5,000 families, 50 restaurants, 10 retail outlets, and a farmers’ market. A frequent guest on radio programs and podcasts serving preppers, homesteaders, and foodies, Salatin’s practical, can-do solutions tied to passionate soliloquies for sustainability offer everyone food for thought and plans for action.

The rare combination of prophet and practitioner makes him both a must-read and must-hear in a time desperate for integrity, leadership, and example.



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