Today on the Thriving Farmer Podcast we’re pleased to host Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farm. Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Fair Share Farm operates on five acres producing USDA GAP Certified greens, roots, garnish, and other specialty items. They host a traditional farm, a restaurant, an online store as well as a farmers market and deal in a wide variety of innovative, exceptional produce.They also grow microgreens, salad greens, and specialty produce for chefs in their community. Tune in to hear all about how Elliot and his team achieve such phenomenal feats!

In This Episode:

An overview of Fair Share Farm 1:28

How Elliot got started in farming 4:27

The biggest lesson Elliot learned on his farming journey 8:45

About the no-till practices on Fair Share Farm 11:44

How Fair Share handles microgreen production 22:23

How they plan for edible flower production and distribution 30:56 

How the transition to online sales has gone for Fair Share 43:48

What software Elliot uses and the challenges he’s found with it 52:48

What Elliot does to ensure he hires the right help 57:13

What systems and processes Elliot would change given the chance to go back in time 1.14:22

What advice Elliot has for newer farmers 1.20:16

About the Guest:

Fair Share Farm, LLC is owned by Emma Hendel and Elliot Seldner and operated in conjunction with caring managers Meredith, Megan, and Hannah. Incorporated in the Fall of 2014, the farm has grown from a 10,000 square foot  garden into a 20 acre farm. It’s their mission to grow the highest quality food, to feed as many people as possible, and to provide a legitimate livelihood for the farmers and employees that keep the entity thriving.

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