Have you considered the connection between environmental degradation and rural poverty? How can farmers help?

In this episode, we are hosting Elliott Powell, Executive Director and Indira Patt, Field Trainer of Sustainable Harvest International, an environmental nonprofit with 25 years of experience partnering with smallholder farmers to adopt regenerative practices that nourish people and the planet. 

As SHI’s Executive Director, Elliott Powell leads their operations and facilitates learning across the entire organization. Based in the US office, Elliott travels throughout the year, serving as a bridge between the field and SHI’s headquarters. 

Indira was raised by her grandmother in San Narciso village in the district of Corozal. In addition to working as an SHI Field Trainer, she will soon graduate with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. 

Tune in to this special episode to hear how this impactful organization boosts farmer production across the globe!

In This Episode:

The foundations of Sustainable Harvest International and where they operate 2:37

The principles of regenerative, according to Elliott and Indira 15:13

The kind of farmers they typically work with 17:35

What the small business development and microfinance aspects of SHI are all about 23:45

Interesting developments on working methods that have been discovered and honed over the years at SHI 35:34

What’s next for indigenous farmers who have completed field training 45:33

What kind of business training they do for farmers 52:51

Indira and Elliott’s favorite farming tools 1.01:00

About the Guest:

Elliott Powell holds the Executive Director role at Sustainable Harvest International (SHI), whose focus promotes working in partnership to create a just and sustainable world through transformative farmer training that nourishes communities and the earth. Elliott leads the organization’s operations, administration, and implementation of its multi-year, multi-phase agroforestry-focused extension program. He works directly with the board of directors and staff to set strategic plans and shape SHI’s future work. Elliott holds a B.S. in Environmental Management from Indiana University and an M.A in Latin American Studies from Tulane University.


Website: https://www.sustainableharvest.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SustainableHarvestInternational 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sustainable.harvest.intl/

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