In This Episode:

>> Dan presents a paradigm shift in how to think about managing soil and growing crops

>> How the nutrient density of crops has decreased over time and how human health is related to soil health

>> Why microbes and remineralization are key to having healthy soil

>> How he and collaborators around the world are working to develop a consumer device to test nutrient density at point of purchase

>> Why he amends with rock dust and seawater, but not compost

Quotes from the episode:

“It’s the lifestyle, in relatively close contact with nature, that is what drives me”

“We could do a lot of good in this world if we could increase the nutrient levels in food”

About the Guest

Dan has been an organic farmer for more than 30 years, and is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association, an 8-year old non-profit educational organization whose mission is to “increase quality in the food supply”. Known as one of the leading proponents of “nutrient density”, Dan has worked to demonstrate the connections between plant health, soil health, carbon sequestration, crop nutritional value, flavor and human health. Out of these efforts was born the Real Food Campaign, which has engineered the prototype of a hand-held consumer spectrometer that is designed to test nutrient density at point of purchase, thereby empowering the consumer to choose for nutrient quality. Via this tool, the deeper goal is to connect the economic incentives of consumers to growers to drive full system regeneration.

Resources and mentions

Bionutrient Food Association

Real Food Campaign