How many plants does it take to get a pound of tomato seeds?

On this episode we’re joined by Theresa Podoll from Prairie Road Organic Seed in Fullerton, North Dakota. Since 1997, Theresa and her husband, Dan, have been passionate about providing resilient, organic seed varieties with a focus on taste and abundance for their customers. 

Tune in to hear about the important need for regional seed supplies.

You’ll hear:

  • How Theresa got started in farming and seed production 0:50
  • What Real Certified Organic means to Theresa 7:53
  • More about which seed crops use the most nutrients 13:48
  • About the methods they used to harvest their seeds 17:08
  • What is the hardest part of seed production, according to Theresa 26:54
  • What advice Theresa would give someone starting in seed production 35:09
  • About how many plants does it typically take to get a pound of tomato seed 41:17
  • More about their biggest challenges 42:31

About the Guest:

Along with her husband, Dan, Theresa Podoll runs Prairie Road Organic Seed in Fullerton, ND where they focus on providing their customers with strong, resilient seeds of ‘work-horse’ varieties. They’ve been seed producers and contract growers for other garden seed companies since 1997 and all of Prairie Road’s seed is grown on their farm which has been certified organic since 1977.


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