Curious about how to go electric with your farm equipment?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Reid Allaway is joining us from Quebec, Canada. He is the Director of Infrastructure and Machinery at Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol. The farm has 9 members and about 15 employees. They are all passionate about healthy food, gardening, seed production, and ecology. 

You’ll want to hear how Reid has converted many of the machines on their farm to electric. He also spearheads their Elec-truck conversion campaign.

By working together and following agro-ecological principles, the team has succeeded in creating a democratic, diverse and sustainable company. Their mission is to generate agricultural products of the highest quality that respect the standards of organic farming and the principles of agro-ecology. They strive to build strong community ties in their region and seek to promote organic agriculture as a viable food production system.

Tune in today to hear all about this French Canadian farmer’s unique approach to his profession!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How Reid got into farming 2:38
  • How Reid got into the tooling and electrification aspect of farming 9:56
  • Why rear-mount cultivation is not as effective 16:49
  • When electric equipment stops being practical 34:16
  • The challenging aspects of putting together electric wheel drive devices 45:09
  • The crops they are growing with walk-behind cultivation 47:18
  • Reid’s favorite farming tool 1.02:47

About the Guest:

Reid Allaway is a farmer, tinkerer and dad working at Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm in les Cèdres QC. Along with his wife and a multitude of co-workers and friends, Reid enjoys being part of a coop farm. This has allowed Reid to pursue his interests in appropriate technology for farmers. He enjoys collaborative design and tool building and also the electrification of tools and machines for small farms.  Reid also works with Thiessen Tillage Equipment on tool design and distribution of appropriate tools for small farms.


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