What can you learn from a biologist about microgreens?

In this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we have Michael Torbett of Terra Vita Farm, located in Castle Hayne, NC. Terra Vita Farm is the only completely no-spray farm in Wilmington NC and practices no-till farming while building soils and ecosystems. Their nutrient dense produce includes: microgreens/shoots, edible flowers, herbs, seasonal produce, hemp, gourmet mushrooms, cut flowers, and honey.

Join us to hear how Michael and the rest of the team at Terra Vita run their thriving microgreens farm!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What got Michael into farming 1:42
  • What the first year of farming was like for Michael 4:01
  • The crops Terra Vita is focusing on 7:58
  • Their compost source 10:02
  • Putting potatoes on landscape fabric 16:31
  • How value added works on Terra Vita 19:40
  • What kinds of flowers they’re working with 22:31
  • What the Terra Vita CSA looks like 32:56
  • The kinds of beneficial insects they are using 38:58
  • Michael’s advice for new farmers 40:49

About the Guest:

Michael Torbett is a first generation farmer, who built his farm operation from the ground up, starting with two vertical microgreen racks. Equipped with a degree in biology and a farm that is very biologically minded, Michael sets up ecosystems and habitats, along high rotation farm operations. Terra Vita Farm grows Certified Naturally Grown seasonal produce, microgreens, edible flowers, mushrooms, herbs, hemp, and honey.


Website: Terra Vita Farm

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