What does it take to run a successful u-pick business?

Today on the Thriving Farmer Podcast Michael is joined by his wife, Savannah, to discuss their first season of offering u-pick strawberries at The Farm on Central. The Farm on Central is a small family farm located in Carlisle, Ohio and provides the community with a wide array of vegetables, mushrooms, and horticultural products. In this episode, Michael and Savannah talk about the benefits of offering a premium product and running a profitable value-added program. They also go over how they manage their fields of annual bed strawberries, their ticket system for scheduling u-pick, things that worked well, and lessons learned for next season.

Join us today to hear how Michael and the team ran a successful first year of u-pick strawberries!

In This Episode:

How many strawberry plants they planted this year 1:50

How their strawberry growing system differs from others 2:09

What type of ticketing system they used to sell slots for u-pick 5:24

The options people had at u-pick 6:49

How they created a buzz 11:28

U-pick management and organization 14:02

The rules they set for customers 17:16

Learning opportunities from the season 23:51, 26:26

Field Management 27:13

Products used: 28:29

How they spaced their sections 29:39

A huge takeaway 31:48

How many people came to the farm for u-pick in just three weeks 34:15

About the Guests:

Growing Farmers is led by Michael Kilpatrick, a farmer, educator, and inventor who lives in Ohio. He is the host of the top-rated Thriving Farmer Podcast and Thriving Farmer Summit series, which has been viewed by over 50,000 farmers. He has managed large farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts around the world, and spoken at dozens of conferences. Michael believes that anyone can farm by following the simple business and management skills that he teaches in Small Farm University, a community he founded for thriving farmers. Together with his wife, Savannah, they are raising their three young children at The Farm on Central. 


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