What advice would a seasoned farmer give to those aspiring to start their own farm?

Find out in this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast where Michael is joined by Julie Rawson who is co-owner of Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre, Massachusetts. After growing up on a conventional farm in Illinois, Julie, along with her husband Jack, transitioned to organic farming in 1982, where she has become a pioneer in soil fertility and carbon sequestration.

Tune in to hear Julie Rawson’s journey from conventional to organic farming and her insights on sustainable practices.

Episode Highlights:

  • Conventional Farming: Julie’s journey from conventional to organic [1:04]
  • Farm Goals: Julie’s objectives with her Massachusetts farm [4:28]
  • Orchard Details: More about her farm’s orchards [13:14]
  • Tree Mulching: Learn about how Julie mulches her fruit trees [20:44]
  • Medicinal Plants: Hear about the medicinal plants Julie grows [25:29]
  • Tomato Varieties: Julie’s favorite tomatoes [30:20]
  • Educational Offerings: The types of education offered at Julie’s farm [45:26]
  • Advice for New Farmers: Julie’s advice for newer farmers [50:39]

Don’t miss this episode about the journey from conventional to organic farming, where Julie Rawson shares her insights on soil fertility, carbon sequestration, and sustainable farming practices.

About the Guest:

Julie has been farming at Many Hands Organic Farm since 1982 with her husband, Jack, her kids, many employees, apprentices, volunteers and working shareholders over the years. Their farm is certified organic, no-till, run a CSA since 1992, and also raises chicken, turkey and pork. 

Connect with Julie’s Farm:

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