Can agroforestry boost farm profitability?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael is joined by Jeremy Kaufman who is Chief of Operations at Propagate, a leader in Agroforestry. Along with his team, Jeremy is fully committed to integrating agroforestry into farming to increase farm profits, decrease erosion and nutrient loss, and promote the broad use of sustainable farming methods. 

Tune in to hear how integrating agroforestry into traditional farming practices can transform the agricultural landscape.

You’ll hear:

  • How Propagate Ag got started 1:03
  • About some of the large projects Propagate is currently working on 4:20
  • More about the motivation behind moving entirely to agroforestry 15:17
  • How Propagate aims to create a domestic wholesale market for chestnuts 18:42
  • About Propagate’s partnership with Rodale Institute 20:51
  • How Propagate handles marketing and buyer engagement 36:38
  • What Jeremy’s favorite tool is on the farm 44:43

About the Guest:

Jeremy is an entrepreneur, designer and operations executive who previously designed digital products for a range of companies from startups to Fortune 500. At Propagate, Jeremy leads technology development & operations. Jeremy holds a B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Miami University. Having worked on organic farms, and being a part of a 3rd generation family timber products business, he is focused on the systemic interplay between agricultural, economic, and cultural paradigms.


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