How do you manage through a crisis and what lessons come from such a time?

In this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we’re joined by Ian and Rachel Harding of Wet Knot Farms, located in Marietta, South Carolina. Ian and Rachel started their farm to get back to nature, and to raise their three boys playing in the dirt and eating healthy, tasty food. 

Now their mission is to cultivate community by bettering health through sustainable agricultural practices. Folks love how long Wet Knot’s salads last in the fridge and how some veggies never even make it out of the car before the kids gobble them up. 

Join us today to hear all about their unique journey in the farming world!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What is the location of Wet Knot Farms and what is the historical significance behind it? 2:04
  • What kinds of flowers and vegetables do they grow? 5:58
  • What are their favorite flowers to grow? 8:16
  • Where do they sell their products? 10:54
  • How has their flower bar worked out for them so far? 17:31
  • What are yearly cycles on the farm like? 23:24
  • Why did Ian have brain surgery, and how did it impact their farm and family? 29:16
  • What would they say the most impactful outcome of this situation has been? 41:56

About the Guests:

Ian and Rachel Harding started Wet Knot Farms to get back to nature and raise their boys on a farm where they could play in the dirt that also supplied them with healthy, tasty foods. While farming came with many lessons, a sudden need for brain surgery taught them even more. Ian says, “Each day is a gift, and I hope I’m ready to receive each one as such. I hope to savor the joy and to grow from the pain that comes each new day.”



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